Working Groups

Working Group 1 EU Production

Chair: Sean O’Donoghue

  • Common Markets Organisation and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (2014-2020).
  • Evaluation of first sale trends.
  • Impact of recovery plans on markets.
  • No-commercialization of undersized fish/juveniles in the context of new technical measures regulation and discard ban implementation.
  • Promotion and competitiveness of products.

Working Group 2 EU Markets

Chair: Andrew Kuyk

  • Supply (annual status and trends).
  • Trade with third countries: Community Custom Code, General System of Preferences (GSP), Free Trade Agreements, Economic Partnership Agreements, World Trade Organisation.
  • Monitoring of community imports and tariff situation, regulation of suspension and tariff quotas for fishery and aquaculture products.
  • Promoting social and environmental aspects of the international trade in fishery and aquaculture products.
  • Analysis of consumption trends.
  • Price developments ‘from sea to table’ (from the fisherman to the consumer) – Studying market efficiency and diversity in the Member States, inter alia, using data from EUMOFA.
  • Effects of the IUU regulation on the market.

Working Group 3: EU control and sanitary issues, consumer rules

Chair: Benoît Thomassen

  • Labelling issues
  • Voluntary information on fish products
  • Hygiene Regulation implementation
  • Relevant contaminants legislation; additives and residues issues
  • Traceability of seafood products
  • Food fraud
  • Implementation of IUU Regulation-issues other than tackled by WG2
  • Possible revision and implementation of the Control Regulation when related to trade and markets