AAC & MAC Advice: Presence of Tetrodotoxin in Shellfish

AAC & MAC Advice: Presence of Tetrodotoxin in Shellfish (06.18)

The Executive Committee of the MAC has adopted the Joint Advice of the Aquaculture Advisory Council and the Market Advisory Council on Presence of Tetrodotoxin in shellfish.

The paper includes a detailed background on the matter and the following standpoits:

1. Reaffirm that the health of consumers of their products remains a major priority;
2. Underline the threat to intra-Community trade and the image of shellfish in general in connection with an unfounded ‘epidemic’;
3. Underline the need for more evidence-based information on TTX toxicity (toxicokinetics, oral toxicity, chronic effects, combination with STX) to reduce the uncertainty factors in a responsible way;
4. Stress the need for more occurrence data on TTX from different EU waters to provide a more reliable exposure assessment, as well as the need for studies on the source and accumulation of TTX;
5. Welcome the ongoing definition of a validated European reference method between the Member States with regard to the introduction of this toxin in the monitoring system; and
6. Request the European Commission to conduct a risk assessment when sufficient evidence-based data on TTX toxicity, source and accumulation are available.